Funding from the Région Sud and Europe


The Pique-Basse estate is pleased to have received support from the Southern Region and from Europe for the purchase of an inter-body tool carrier. This investment will allow the domain to continue its commitment to the preservation of bio-diversity and the environment. This investment allows to limit the input of phytosanitary products in the soil and to limit the use of water resources.


The use of the inter-row tool carrier allows us to considerably reduce the number of tractor passes needed to maintain our vines. This translates into a significant reduction in fuel consumption. By limiting the number of tractor passes, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but we also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our vineyard activity.

In addition, this new tillage technique also reduces soil degradation and limits erosion. By minimizing soil compaction caused by multiple passes of the machines, we preserve its natural structure and fertility. This approach promotes soil health and encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms, thus contributing to a sustainable ecosystem.

Therefore, by limiting the use of phytosanitary products in the soil and reducing the need for water, we also preserve the quality of our terroir, which is essential to the production of high quality wines. The inter-weed tool holder allows us to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach while maintaining the productivity and profitability of our operation.

In a context where sustainability has become a crucial issue for the agricultural sector, Domaine Pique-Basse is proud to be actively involved in the transition towards more ecological agricultural practices. With the support of the Southern Region and Europe, we are able to continue to innovate and contribute to the preservation of our precious environment, while offering superior quality products to our discerning consumers.