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Marc Vanhellemont honors us by sharing his flattering tasting comments on Le Chasse-Coeur 2022, La brusquembille 2022 and Au Coeur du Ventabren 2020.

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Wine Guide Dussert-Gerber 2024

CDR-Villages Roaix red L’As du Pique 2021, beautiful garnet color, a wine with the persistent scent of morello cherry and ripe blackcurrant, well typified, full-bodied and fragrant on the palate, of beautiful frame, it is generous and combines structure and roundness in the mouth, to be expected on a necklace of lamb with ginger. 90/100 

CDR-Villages Roaix white L’Atout du Pique 2020, marked by its white Grenache, very well aged (vinification half in half barrels and half in stainless steel tanks, fermentation for three months and then aging on lees without stirring), this wine is specific with its pear and anise nuances, fresh and suave, round finish, which combines intensity and flexibility, to be expected on zucchini fritters or fried cod with potatoes. 91/100

CDR-Villages Roaix rosé L’Ambigu 2022, from vines of 45 years of age with yield of 40 hl/ ha, which took root on a sandy soil resulting from the erosion of saffron, nose present with notes of violet and prune, a wine rich in color, dense and a beautiful aromatic persistence in the final. 89/100

CDR red La Brusquembille 2022, 70% Syrah, 25% Carignan and 5% Grenache coming from plots rich in sand and clays of alluvial origin located in the place called «Piquebas» surrounding the estate, intense purple color, with powerful and tasty tannins, is spicy and very fragrant (blackberry, wild strawberry, musk...), of ample structure. 88/100

Rasteau red 2020, majority in Grenache, the rest in Mourvèdre, clay-limestone soil, a wine of character, powerful, intense in the nose as in the mouth (blackcurrant, garrigue, liquorice), with coated tannins. 92/100

Parution : Revue des Vins de France – September 2022

Dussert-Gerber guide 2023 – Domaine PIQUE-BASSE

❤❤❤❤  The history of Domaine Pique-Basse (10 ha) dates back to the grandparents and great-grandparents of Olivier Tropet, who were already cultivating vines and fruit trees at the very beginning of the century. Very young, Olivier was passionate about wine. After obtaining a degree in "Science of Life and Earth", he joined the University of Dijon to obtain his National Oenology Diploma. In 1998, he moved to the estate at the age of 25. The name Pique-Basse, inspired by the place called “piquebas”, would mean “podium which is low”. Some plots located around the cellar are indeed elevated, while forming part of the plain of Roaix. Organic farming, certified by Ecocert.

Here is a tasty CDR-Villages Roaix red L'As du Pique 2020, Grenache 75%, and Syrah 25%, sandy and clayey soil, small yields of 25 to 30 hl/ha, maceration 35 days, aging of press juices and drop on fine lees for 12 months..., the whole explaining this wine of good mouth with these notes of blackberry and spices, it mixes structure and fullness on the palate, with nuances of liquorice. The CDR-Villages Roaix white L'Atout du Pique 2020, marked by its white Grenache, very well aged (vinification half in demi-muids and half in stainless steel vats, long fermentation of three months then aging on lees without stirring), this wine is specific with its nuances of pear and anise, fresh and suave, with a round finish, which combines intensity and suppleness, to be expected with zucchini fritters or cod sautéed with potatoes.

Also very much liked this Rasteau red 2019, mainly in Grenache, the rest in Mourvèdre, clay-limestone terroir, it is complex, dominated by macerated fruits, with a deep purple color, a rich wine and good on the palate. Also taste the CDR-Villages red Le Chasse Cœur 2019, classic and full-bodied, with notes of plum and undergrowth, dense, slightly peppery on the finish, with a very good evolution. The red CDR La Brusquembille 2020 has a garnet color, with nuances of wild strawberries and spices.


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