Parution Terre de Vins 66th Jui-Aug 2020

p70 Ambigu 2019

Parution Wein+Markt n°5 – 2020

RVF – Publication in Revue des Vins de France – RVF n°642

RVF – Le Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France 2020 – pages 669 and 670.

pages 669 and 670


IGP Vaucluse / White

A nice vintage from five grape varieties, fresh and aromatic.

Meeting with the 3 finalists of the Best Sommelier of the World Competition 2019 Lunch of 11/26/2019 at the Côteaux et Fourchettes restaurant in Cairanne (Vaucluse)

From left to right : (même disposition que dans blog FR)
Thibaud Chaume - Domaine Chaume-Arnaud - Winemaker in Vinsobres
Delphine CAMPEOTTO - Commercial Assistant at Domaine Pique-Basse in Roaix
Olivier Tropet - Domaine Pique-Basse - Winemaker in Roaix
Raimonds Tomsons - Latvia - 3rd finalist of the Best Sommelier of the World Competition 2019
Nina Jensen - Denmark - 2nd finalist of the Best Sommelier of the World Competition 2019
Marc Almert - Germany - Best Sommelier of the World 2019
Caroline DECATRA - Export Marketing Manager Inter Rhône (à ajouter aussi dans le blog FR car on l'a oubliée : Directrice Marketing Export)

Rasteau 2016 Domaine Pique-Basse
les5duvin 1er Nov 2019

A blood ruby, he breathes candied cherry and blood orange. As for the palate, its delicate but present fruity mixes the slender notes of raspberry and cherry with that of blackberry and blackcurrant, pepper and sage accompany them, tannic silk packs them.

A slightly bitter marriage at the start, it is necessary to wait for the reaction of the cheese which when it takes back its rights on the wine flows the lines of gentian and licorice in its milk jam. What brings a very pleasant impression of softness.

80% Grenache and 20% Mourvèdre, aging in concrete vat.

Publication in Revue Vins de France – June 2019

Publication in Le Monde journal – May 2019